Thursday, April 29, 2010


Wednesday WOD 4/28

25 minutes: 100lbs military press, 120 palms out pull downs ( no pull up bar), 50 45lb kb swings, 60 situps, 70 burpees

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


MONDAY WOD April 26th
5 Rounds for time:
50 Double Unders or 75 single jump-ropes
35 Knee to Elbows
Weighted overhead walk (20 yards)

Jeremy: 25:00 with 135lb for weighted overhead walk

Adam: 25:32 with 135lb for weighted overhead walk

Kevin: 4 Rounds 18:43 45lb overhead and replaced 25 walking lunges for the 20 yard walk

Angie: 25:48 55lb for weighted overhead walk & last round she did weighted German Twists in place of knees to elbows

Tara and Allie workout earlier in the evening & did a modified version; 20lb weighted German Twists instead of knees to elbows & 20lb for weighted overhead walk

Tara: 12:44
Allie: 13:30

Monday, April 26, 2010


WOD 4/23/10

Three rounds for time of:

Hang power cleans, 15 reps
15 Burpees

Jeremy: 7:07 with 115lbs

Kevin: 11:24 with 115lb

Tara: 8:11 with 45lb

Allison: 8:12 with 45lb

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Wednesday WOD
3 round for time:
800 meter run
30 push ups
30 sit ups

Adam: 18:30
Angie: 23:47
Allie: 28:52
Jeremy: 18:01 (with ropes)
Kevin: 18:38 (T&K did 30 jump ropes also)
Tara: 31:30

That's a 2 mile run, 90 push-ups and 90 sit-ups...way to go Cronies!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

4/19/10 In honor of "The Motivator"

Yesterday was Adams birthday and in honor of "The Motivator" we did a modification of the Filthy Fifty....We did the Dirty Thirty Six!

{Actual Crossfit WOD is 50 reps of each exercise, we did 36}
For time:
36 Box jump,
(we jumped over various things; stones, cooler, gym bag b/c we don't have an official box built yet)
36 Jumping pull-ups
36 Kettlebell swings,
Walking Lunge, 36 steps
36 Knees to elbows
(on pull-up bar)
36 Push press,
45 pounds (we all used the same bar)
36 Back extensions
(laying stomach down on bench & raising up using back muscles...this will make you have great posture the next day, ha!)
36 Wall ball shots
36 Burpees
(Jump, then down to a push up, knees to chest and hop back up, kinda like a squat-thrust, but harder!)
36 Double unders
(Jump-rope doubletime)

ADAM: 19:02
45lb Push Press, 20lb Wall Balls, 45lb kettlebell

ANGIE: 33:52
45lb Push Press, 6lb Wall Balls, 35lb kettlebell

ALLIE: 30:50
45lb Push Press, 6lb Wall Balls, 25lb kettlebell

KEVIN: 18:50
45lb Push Press, 20lb Wall Balls, 45lb kettlebell

JEREMY: 18:47
45lb Push Press, 20lb Wall Balls, 45lb kettlebell

Thursday, April 15, 2010



dumbbell curls (10)
25 deep squats
dumbbell press (10)
Do all this 3 X

dead lift
25 situps
Do all this 3X

dumbell prone curls (10)
kettle bells (10)
100 jump ropes
Do all this 3X


No time kept.

Participants were: Adam, Jeremy & Kevin last night and Angie today.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


April 7th WOD: "KAREN"
Warm-up: 400 meter run, 20 sit-ups, 20 push-ups

150 Thrusters for time
{deep squat then press weight above head, all one motion}

Tara: 7:40 12lbs

Kevin: 8:43 45lb

Jeremy: out of town for work

Angie: 6:29 20lb (110 reps) 10lb (40 reps)

Allie: 7:39 20lb (50 reps) 12lb (100 reps)

Adam: 6:20 45lb

Kevin ran an extra 1/2 mile. Adam & Angie did 100 meter sprint & 100 meter backwards. Tara & Allie just sat there and huffed & puffed. Actually we did stretch really good...does that count as extra work?